The Coleiro Group, a Maltese registered company with over 40 years experience in the paint industry, intensified its progress in the yacht painting industry through Yacht Pride SRL based in Viareggio, Italy.

Yacht Pride SRL’s success is the result a professional and experienced combination of established experts in the yacht painting industry together with the resources and organisation of the Coleiro Group. Yacht Pride’s 200+ workers attend constant training at our in-house training centre supported by our paint instructors who are regularly updated with the latest technology by the paint manufacturers. Our certified paint inspectors and additional resources including freelance paint advisors, ensure that our workers comply with the paint manufacturers’ specifications.


Fully equipped spray painting facilities including temperature controlled spray booths and paint testing equipment are set up in Malta and Viareggio to ensure best possible service and quality when it comes to painting of small and delicate items which can be transported. Yacht Pride SRL is the leading yacht painting company to invest in the modern equipment technology such as computerised filler mixing machines to ensure exact mixing ratio, compressors and air filtration to provide quality supply of air and temperature controlling systems to create the ideal painting environment.

New Builds

In the complex construction process of a new build, the yacht painter is one of the first team members to start working on the project and is also involved in the final phases. The first stages are fundamental as they ensure long term quality of the paint job whilst the final stages are just as important as they enhance and pursue the satisfaction and pride every yacht owner would usually look for. Yacht Pride specialises in the yacht painting of new builds exceeding 50 metres and is proud to be part of numerous prestigious projects. Repeat clients and new contracts with them are our best service certificate. As with every new build, our responsibility is to support the yard as best possible and to ensure that our continuous work satisfies the yard’s deadline and overall customer’s satisfaction.


The company has been entrusted to carry out yacht refits varying from 25 metres up to more than 100 metres. In a refit, it is a priority that the work exceeds all quality expectations and is completed well before time so as to make the yacht available for the owner to enjoy. Yacht refit works have been carried out not only in Malta and Italy, but also in France, Spain, Holland, USA, UAE and UK.

Emergency Works

Our workers are extremely flexible and can be mobile on short notice in order to be onsite in any part of the world to service the requirements of the client.